Kaleidoscope of Quilts - January 25 - February 11, 2011
Some of these quilts are over 100 years old....
Some of these quilts are NEW...
ALL of these quilts have a story.

By Deb Pederson
Antique quilt age not known

By Betsy Ewen
100+ year old quilt from the Ewen famly

Displayed by Cynthia Kaldor
Gift from the ND Jaycee Women 1984

Sew Batik

Karen Asmundson

Bonnie O'Keefe

On loan from Sheryl Vinje - pieced 1914

Delores von Ruden

Dawn Kaldor

Debbie Hagen

Sonja Lea Designs

Lorraine Kaldor

Jean Capouch