Personal portrait by Alice Blessing, won by Dennis Schultz
Here is a sample of Alice Blessing's work


Auctioneer Betsy Ewen

Board Members Heidi Krivarchka and Sandy Braaten

Board Member Jo Ewen

Board Members Karla and Jason Middlestead

Auction Clerk Merwin Lyng with
Board Members Myrna Lyng and Janna Kontz

Board Member Sarah Zitzow

Board Members Steve Hastings and Wanda Lee

Sarah with her date

Beth Swenson with Board Member Cynthia Kaldor

Jazz on Tap

Having a good time!


S1 Ellis Island Immigration Building
Photo Art with Cards by Deb Hagen

Close-Up view

S2 Ghana Crazy Basket From Rene' & Tom Omlid

S3 Pair of Magazine Holders by Cynthia Kaldor

S4 Yellow Jacket: American Minotour Series
by Walter Piehl and Framed by Heidi Krivarchka

S5 Vintage Charm Necklace & Earrings by Jen Kohls & Allison Newman

S6 Simply Squared Quilt by Karen Lyng Asmundson

S7 Wine Rack contributed by Rob & Kim Lauf

S8 Pop Tab Purse (fully lined) by Jennifer Eaton

S9 Oval Pheasant Pin by Heidi Krivarchka

S10 Round Pheasant Pin by Heidi Krivarchka

S11 Green Wood-pick Center Pc. by Adam Kemp
Contributed by Myrna Lyng

S12 Amulet by Diane Skean
Front and back view

Not including strap, 4" top to bottom as displayed;
medallion 1.75" in diameter;
each medallion consists of 6 triangles stitched together;
silver beads are sterling and plated nickel; Swarovski crystals

S13 Windmill #1 (distant) photo by Erik Nelson
& Framed by Lori Nelson

S14 1970 Moroccan Rug contributed by Vickie & Tom Soholt

S15 Retro Love Seat contributed by Mayville State University

S16 The Way We Were photos - MSU East & West by Jana Kontz

S17 Golden Morning, Colored Pencil Print by Jeff Hoff   100/300
Contributed by Bill and Sandy Brudvik

S18 Summer Meeting Place, Colored Pencil Print by Jeff Hoff   100/300
Contributed by Bill and Sandy Brudvik

S19 Windmill #2 (close-up) photo by Erik Nelson & Framed by Lori Nelson

S20 Tie-Dye Table Runner by Janna Kontz

S21 Recycled Wool Mittens by Nancy Erickson

S22 Retro Necklace by Sheila Gander

S23 Red "Cafe" Scarf by Marion Baker

S24 Pink Sun Catcher contributed by Rob & Kim Lauf

S25 Treasure Box by Laurie Olson

S26 Piecemeal Fabric Collage by Lorraine Kaldor

S27 Yellow Sun Catcher contributed by Rob & Kim Lauf

S28 Lathe Turned Chalice Candle Holder by Keith Kaldor

S29 Feather Wreath by Jackie Kuhle

S30 Retro Chair contributed by Mayville State University

S31 Toddler Quilt by Kathy Lerfald

S32 Sand Box by Janice Thoreson contributed by Jo Ewen

S33 "Mom & Apple Pie" Old Fashioned Apron, Oven Mitt,
and Apple Pie on a Tray
by Shireen Grinager & Donna Olson

S34 Time on Three Bottles by Beth Swenson

S35 Thea Burner Painting contributed by Margit Eastman

S36 Dick and Jane Basket by Monday Night Crafters
Edith Anderson & Mary Peterson

S37 Your Song Mixed Media by Mary Trudeau

S38 Branching Out by Brad & Ellen Amb

S39 Lonesome Estate photo by Steven Gunderson

S40 Grapes of Glory by Brad & Ellen Amb


L2 Carved Wood Cane by Lee Vinje,
contributed by Sheryl Vinje

L3 Sweethearts & Roping Fools Signed Walter Piehl Print
contributed & framed by Heidi Krivarchka

L4 Clarinet Lamp by Merwin & Myrna Lyng

Shade for clarinet lamp (whiter than appears)

L5 Blue and Yellow Quilt by Deb Pederson

L6 A Year in Cards by Molly Lenaburg

L7 Tree #18 Framed Print by Eric Johnson

L8 The Way We Were Necklace & Earrings by Helen Hoyt

L9 Golden Bronze Rose Pillow by Marion Baker

L10 Iron and Granite Table by Jon Ewen

L11 Kindness Matters Mural by Darla Peterson

L12 15" x 28" Aurastone on Board by Wanda Lee

L13 I Remember Baseball Photo by Jennifer Eaton

L14 100% Suri Alpaca Hand-Knit Shawl by Mitzi Brunsdale

L15 Caveat Emptor Wood Cabinet by Paul Batesel

Inside Door Detail of Cabinet by Paul Batesel

L16 Globe Bar contributed by Jackee & Kraig Lerol

L17 The Housing Gamble painting by Emily Williams-Wheeler

L18 MSU Lamp by Bob Kozojed & Merwin Lyng

L19Oak Spinning Wheel by Charles Anderson and "bale of wool" bag
contributed by Cynthia & Lee Kaldor

L20 Retro Platter by Jeff Amann

L21 MSU Watercolor by Doug Anderson

L22 Abstract Digital Photo by Brett Gander

L23 Stamp Collector's Nightmare
Chest/Frame/Box of Stamps
by Sandy Braaten