$25 RAFFLE DRAWING: Coffee Table by John Freije


Heartfelt Melody - Beth Swenson

Old Main - and the beat goes on-Doug Anderson

The Mona Box - Marlene Diehl

Tiger Box CD Case - Paul Batesel

Island Park #1 - Janice Tingum

A Grand Little Table - John Christiansen

Ceramic Platter - Jeff Amann

Hand Knit Shawl with Sparkle - Mitzi Brunsdale

Coffee Table - Jon Ewen

Island Park Bridge - Gail Mooney

Down Beat Quilt - Bonnie O'Keefe

Earrings - David Badman

Cedar Waxwing - Helen Hoyt

1954 Murphy-Miller Chair - Vicki Soholt & Kurt Moen

Heart Healthy Dinner for 8 - Nancy Capouch

A Year of Cards - Molly Lenaburg

Tick, Tock A Rhythm for the Brain - Terry & Sandi Kemmer>

The Quack with a Duck - Glenn Thoreson

Backup Singers - Wanda Lee

MSU Memories Calendars - Bob Kozojed

Goose River Ice Skirts - Steve and Becky Gunderson

Hold on Just a Little Bit Tighter - Cynthia Kaldor

Quilted Wall Hanging - Lorraine Kaldor

Shadow Box Drum Set - Ron and Thea Reilkoff

Necklace and Earrings - Diane Skean

Pendant - Diane Skean

Iggams - Roseau Public Library, Charles Erickson

Christmas Tree - Keith Kaldor

Midnight Sonata - Mary Trudeau

It's Just Jewelry - Kathleen Grandalen

The Batiks Go On... - Kathy Lerfald

Chocolate 'Fix' - Heidi Krivarchka

Rainbow Garden - Sandy Braaten

Floral Dimension - Sandy Braaten

Silver and Gold; Garnet Melodies; Wire Rappin - Allison Newman and Jen Kohls

Gardening Angel - Allison Newman

Winter Quad - Janna Kontz

And the Beet Goes On - Janna Kontz

Time Marches On - Merwin and Myrna Lyng

ND Sunset - Photo by Erik Nelson; Frame by Lori Nelson

Cake - Morgan Hoyt

Little brown Footstool - Vicki Soholt and Kurt Moen

Midnight Shimmer - Marion Baker

Swedish Weaving - Marion Baker

Birthdays - contibuted by Shireen Grinager and Donna Olson

Winter Reflections on Old Main - Debbie Hagen

Good Wine Should Start and End with a Smile - contributed by Rob and Kim Lauf

Faith, Joy, Hope - Darla Peterson

Mayville in the Abstract - Sarah Zitzow

Earrings and Bracelet - Dixie McGillis

Crazy Eight Sampler Quilt - Deb Pederson

Candle Wreath - Judith Kleven

Art on a Circular Sawblade - Christine Nesheim

Ms. Moo (MSU) - The Blue Jays

Quilted Table Runner and Napkins - Jackie Lucas

2009 Christmas Blizzard - Jason Middlestead

Relax to the Beat - Peggy Schultz

The Beat of Everlasting Love - Beth Swenson

Rose Colored Glass - Beth Swenson