To place your bid on any of the following items, please call Sandy at 701-430-0887 BEFORE 3:00 PM Thursday, January 24.
Items may be LIVE or SILENT auction.

Wanda Lee Horses

Pam Soholt How Fargo of You

Walter Piehl Sweethearts

Walther Piehl Celebration

Steve Gunderson B/W Photo

Sedona Pottery donated by Kathy Lerfald

Schela Gander Pink Necklace

Schela Gander Brown Necklace

Schela Gander Blue Necklace

Sandy Braaten Wine Glasses/Holder

Sarah Zitzow Mixed Media

Sarah Zitzow Chalk Circle

Sandy Braaten MSU Blue Lamp

Sandy Braaten MSU Black Lamp

Print donated by Sandy Brudvik

Naomi Roisum Package

Paul Batesel Desk

Vicki Soholt Chair

Molly Lenaburg Recipes

Molly Lenaburg Cards

Mitzi Brunsdale White Scarf

Mitzi Brunsdale Brown Scarf

Merwin & Mryna Lyng Rock Sculpture

Lorraine Kaldor Basket

Lisa Rakowski & Shari Schultz Shell

Lisa Rakowski & Shari Schultz Wine Markers

Lisa Rakowski & Shari Schultz Today

Laurie Olson Tray

Lee Vinje carved cane
Contributed by Jo Ewen

Laurie Papenfus Barbed Wire Star

Kim Lauf Quilt

Keith Stenejhem Comets Photo

Keith Kaldor Candle Holder

Jon Ewen 2 Granite Tables

Kathleen Grandalen Necklace

Kathleen Grandalen Comets Necklace

Jennifer Kohls Necklace

Jeff Aamen Ceramics

Janna Kontz Lonesome Highway

Janna Kontz Window View

Janice Tingum Prairie Painting

Jackee Lerol Watermelon
elen Hoyt Canvas Photo

Heidi Krivarchka Boot

??? Heart Quilt

Darla Peterson Quilt

Eric Johnson Print

Del Hlavinka Garden Carving
Contributed by Jo Ewen

Ellen Amb & Mary Olson
Tiled Ironing Board

Debbie Hagan Wine and Cards

Doug Anderson Pink Watercolor

Doug Anderson Blue drips

Doug Anderson MSU pen and ink

Dixie McGillis Bottle Trays 1,2 or 3

Darla Peterson Art Angel

Kurt Moen & Marion Baker Black Chair

Bonnie O'Keefe Quilt

Beth Swenson Wire Dragonfly

Alden & Orpha Leiberg Chair

Cynthia Kaldor Gentle Breeze