Contributed by John Freije



L2-MSU Watercolor - Doug Anderson

L3-Knit Shawl - Mitzi Brunsdale

L1-Sundog's - Cold is Inevitable - John and Janice Christiansen

L4-Rainbow Garden Photo Montage - Janna Kontz

L5-Woodturned Kaleidoscope - Keith Kaldor

L6-Large Tiled Mirror Tray
Contributed by Terry & Sandi Kemmer

L7-Beaded Serving Set - Gaylene Johnson
Contributed by Rob and Kim Lauf

L8-A Year of Cards - Molly Lenaburg

L9-Sculptured Granite Coffee table - Jon Ewen

L10-Serving Platter - Jeff Amann

L11-Wood carved Norwegian Village - Mark Vinje
Contributed by Sheryl Vinje

L15-"True Blue" Autographed by David Baldacci
Book and Bag

Contributed by Marlys (Brudvik) Felber

L12-Kaleidoscope with M - Marlene Diehl

L13-East Hall, West Hall, All Around the Towns
Paul Batesel

L14-Checkers on the Patio - Nancy Capouch

L16-Night Stroll acrylic - Wanda Lee

L17-As Time Goes By - MSU from Years Past
Bob Kozojed

L18-Stack and Whack Quilt - Jackie Lucas

L19-Kaleidoscope Path Quilt - Bonnie O'Keefe

L20-The Abyss - Ron Jacobson

L21-Up and Down in Circles - Side Chair
Vickie's Upholstery

L22-Shabby Chic Bentwood Chair
Merwin and Myrna Lyng

S10-Felted Wool Mittens(recycled sweater)
Nancy Erickson

S20-Hammered Copper and Aluminum
with Black Onyx

Diane Skean

S8-Manhatten Bridge and Cards - Debbie Hagen

S1-Loom made Bracelet - Schela Gander

S3-Fire and Ice Fabric Art - Lorraine Kaldor

Kaleidoscope Light Board - Dixie McGillis

S7-East Hall - Old Friend - Janna Kontz

S4-Park Guell, Spain - Carrie Devitt

S28-Kaleidoscope Quilting with Batik - Diane & Bruce Magidson

S22-Stained Glass Kaleidoscope
Contributed by The Monday Night Crafty Ladies

S29-Happy is the Heart - Darla Peterson

S11-Aerial Photo of Mayville Golf Course
Taken by Ken Forsgren
Contributed by Marlys Hlavinka

S12-Treasures of the Earth by Oasis Designs, Helen Hoyt

S5 a. -Walter Piehl Cultures Print
Contributed by Heidi and Bill Krivarchka

S5 b. -Walter Piehl Doc George Print
Contributed by Heidi and Bill Krivarchka

S9-SMALL Tiled Mirror Tray
Contributed by Terry & Sandi Kemmer

S24-Colorful InspirationBy Jules
Jennifer Kohls and Allison Newman

S15-Twiggy Centerpiece - Jackie Kuhle

S19-The Perpetual Changing Fall Colors
and Patterns of Rural Portland

Lori Nelson and Erik Nelson

S21 a.-Countryside Railroad - Gail Mooney

S21 b.-Countryside Fence - Gail Mooney

S21 c.-Countryside Bridge - Gail Mooney

S14 a.-Kaleidoscope - Lin Smithwick

S14 b.-Kaleidoscope #1 - Lin Smithwick

S2-James Ulmer Stoneware Crock
Contributed by
Marilyn Worner and Michelle Kommer

S6 a. C.E. Mulligan
Contributed by Jon and Betsy Ewen

S6 b. C.E. Mulligan
Contributed by Jon and Betsy Ewen

S18-Sipping Warm Cocoa - Laurie Pappenfuss

S17-Life is a Kaleidoscope of Minutes
Contributed by Shireen Grinager and Donna Olson

S25-Abstract Acrylics (set of 3) - Janice Tingum

S26 Abstract Kaleidoscope - Sarah Zitzow

S27-Place mats - Orpha Leiberg

S35-Reflected Fractals - Cynthia Kaldor

S34-Degas Print
contributed by Bill and Sandy Brudvik

S30 a.-Fruit for the Collector Box
Contributed by Jo Ewen

S30 b.-Fruit for the Collector Platters
Contributed by Jo Ewen

S31-Color Me Happy
Beth Swenson

S32-Sampler - Beth Swenson

S36 Live, Laugh, Love - watercolor
- Mary Trudeau

S37 Kaleidoscope with Metal - Kathleen Grandalen

S38 Kaleidoscope Eyes
- Laurie Olson

S39 Watch Clock
- Ray Bakke

S33 Recycled Dresser
Sandy Braaten

S33 Recycled Lamp Sandy Braaten

S40 The Birdhouse Peggy Schultz
THE PARTY! The "mashed potato bar" was a SMASH!